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The Evil side of judi poker online terpercaya

By Posted on 2 m read

Casinos are places with lots of money. Those of us familiar with Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12 can speculate just how much. We are all, also familiar with the fact, that these places, no matter how glamorous, are not clean.

For a long time, people believed that Casinos brought about economic prosperity as they pooled in money. However, recent studies have shown that this is not the case. Casinos, on the contrary cause economic harm at the community level, not just at the individual level. Things like judi poker online terpercaya remain a mystery too.

judi poker online terpercaya


The root customers of casinos, when they gained popularity, were none other than mafia bosses with dark money. Since they had plenty to spend through their illegal rackets and drug dealing, Casinos and betting became their area of play. Since casinos pampered their guests, no matter who they were, criminals came in and out freely. Gradually, these criminals even became part owners and earned through casinos.

Later, real estate investors and hotel owners with even more money entered the casino business. With their entry, the mobsters were kicked out, however, the evil roots remained. As casinos earned more and more through the frequenters compulsive gambling habits, the common man’s economy was affected.

Tourist investment myth

The myth of tourist investment was also busted when studies showed that most frequent and regular guests at casinos were locals. Since all the revenue and hard earned money of the people keeps pooling into the casino pockets, the general economy gets poorer rather than richer.

Gambling addiction has become a social evil with casinos fuelling the increase. Since casinos are open to the common man, when people lose their money they turn to debts to continue gambling. This can lead to social ruin. Same goes for online casinos where it is claimed that judi poker online terpercaya It is important to be careful when it comes to your money.

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